About Minnesota Heritage House


To provide options in healthcare that will enable seniors to remain in their local communities.


  • We believe in caring for residents in a respectful manner by encouraging choices and providing for their individual independence while ensuring dignity.

  • We believe in the campus concept of care.  Whenever possible, we try to co-locate the nursing home and the assisted living facility, providing a continuum of care.

  • We believe in treating our employees fairly and honestly.  We support their educational endeavors and career advancements and encourage their self-sufficiency and independence.

  • We believe communications is vital at every level in a health care organization, from caregiver on the floor to the administrator in his/her office.  We promote a system which fosters accountability, mutual self-respect, and pride and ownership in one's tasks and accomplishments.

  • We operate our business as a long-term interest for the community as well as our own retirement.  Our goal, as retirement approaches, is to have developed worthwhile assets for ourselves, our children, and grandchildren, and our community.